It's about Choice, not compromise

About Us

For two decades, Collins Mann has provided high net worth individuals and soon-to-be retirees solid financial advice and planning with one objective in mind: to ensure that their clients are living the life they want. With more than 40 years’ experience between our Senior Advisors Russell Mann and Russell Harris we know how to plan for today and for your retirement

Russell Mann

Advice Director

With qualifications in accounting and top-four banking team insights, it is no wonder that high net worth individuals find their way to his door.

Russell is a born leader, in his former life leading teams of up to 50 professionals, demanding the same high standards he holds himself to today. Russell’s experience with high profile corporate portfolios lends weight to his understanding of the complex personal and business finances of busy working professionals.

Mark Collins

Practise Director

Mark boasts an impressive CV including economic and banking appointments both overseas in Indonesia, PNG and Fiji, as well as right here at home, over more than three decades.

His experience during times of financial crisis speaks for itself. Mark values personal service and integrity over all else.

At Collins Mann we look to provide the financial help they know that professionals often need — with a clientele of professionals ranging from the start of their careers to nearing the end, they understand firsthand, the issues and specialised advice needed.

Our Philosophy

With this experience under our belt, we’ve been able to create a model of values-based high-net-worth financial planning, where what the client wants out of their future and finances comes before anything else. At the heart of this model runs our philosophy—life should be about choice, not compromise, as illustrated in our book They Said the World Was My Oyster but Someone Stole the Pearl: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Living a Life of Choice Not Compromise. We’ve also created a tool and an app, Nettshell, that allows you to check on your current financial health.

By listening to you first, we’re able to better create a bespoke, thought-out financial management plan for you and you only—ensuring that whatever life throws at you, you’ll be in a financial position that allows for choice. We customize our advice to fit you, aiming to empower you to one day walk down your chosen path with financial ease.

Whatever life throws at you, you’ll be in a financial position that allows for choice.

How We Can Help

At Collins Mann, we understand only too well the types of financial worries and concerns about securing the most comfortable future possible, especially for those of us with people—parents, spouses, children, grandchildren, or other family—to support. We’re aware that, often, your financial future is someone else’s future too.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure you end up in as confident and financially secure a position as you can be, with the tools to maintain and secure that position in the future. With our values-based financial advice and management plan, this is more achievable than ever. We’re only too happy to help you:

  • Achieve your retirement and financial future goals.
  • Ensure financial adaptability
  • Make smart financial decisions.
  • Tackle financial challenges
  • Plan the direction of your finances.
  • Put your best interests first.
  • Understand and simplify every aspect of your finances

If you think you could benefit from our help, call us to discuss what we can do for you and help you plan the financial future you deserve.

Financial Services Licence

Collins Mann Pty Ltd, ABN 88 098 705 152, Authorised Representative Number 267462 of Hunter Green Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licence No 225962.

Financial Services

Our services include:

  • Values-based financial planning.
  • Wealth accumulation strategies.
  • Tax-effective strategies.
  • Risk management.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Estate planning.
  • Divorce financial settlement analysis.


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